Welcome to Raza Business & CoTax Works in Chhatarpur

Managing accounting services poses a considerable challenge, demanding a profound understanding of diverse accounting practices. The success of any business is intricately tied to the pillars of robust accounting principles and effective internal controls.

Look no further than Raza Business & Co Tax Works for a reliable accountant in your proximity. Our team comprises diligent and well-trained accountants dedicated to providing clients with peace of mind through money-saving strategies, expert tax planning, and adherence to financial best practices.

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Raza Business & Co Main Services

Income Tax Return

  1. Company return and individual return
  2. Revise returns
  • Delay returns

  1. Offline utility returns
  2. Return prepared for loan and other issues

GST Return filing

  1. Registration of GST
  2. Monthly return file of GST
  • Quarterly return file of GST
  1. Yearly return 9 or 9C
  2. Composition GST

Registrar of Companies

  1. Registration of single person company

  2. Registration of partnership company

  • Registration of LLP company

  1. Incorporation of Pvt Ltd

Other Services

  1. TDS return and registration
    1. Business setup advisory
    2. Company Law Advisory
    3. TDS return and registration
    • Cooperate litigation

Our Areas of Practice

We offer comprehensive tax preparation services for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our experienced professionals ensure accurate filing and maximum deductions to minimize your tax liability.

Income tax returns

Our team filed every years 200 + returns and and make balance sheet for the company and individuals

Our team has the ability to prepare of return over a thousand every year

GST Filling

When we started our company we had only 4 GST customers but now i am filing every month 150 + GST of different different R1 3B or 9C and composition


In our company there is 2 CA’s 1 FCA and 2 CS for registrar of company, our team has created more then 40 pluse companies and providing regular services for all those companies

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